About Krinner

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Modern foundation construction with Krinner Ground Screws

The best ideas are those that are simple and easy to apply. “The obscure we see eventually, the completely apparent takes longer” Krinner Ground Screws have been revolutionising Foundation Construction for more than a decade. Eliminating the process of excavation and concreting, Krinner simply uses the Screw Foundation concept. What has been working in walls for decades, Krinner has successfully translated to footings. This versatile system saves time and money while utilising minimal resources. Its worldwide success attests to and rewards the company’s courage in challenging what seemed to be an iron clad law of architecture, by replacing screw piles, screw piers, earth screws, ground anchors, concrete piers and brick piers with the higher load bearing capacity Krinner Screw Foundation system. The company behind these ideas is as innovative as its products. Krinner has developed significant and highly practical solutions for over 20 years. The lateral displacement of soil and the ensuing compaction make for utmost stability, statically tested, verified and certified by structural engineers.
* Our Ground Screws are made of forged steel, continuous welded spiral and hot dip galvanized – DIN EN ISO 1461.

The pros at a glance

  • High compressive loads, extraction load and lateral pressure loads, with verification in structural calculations
  • No digging and no concrete
  • Environmentally friendly due to minimum surface sealing
  • No damage to the surrounding area
  • No negative impact on the landscape
  • No waiting times: can be subjected to weight immediately!
  • High installation capacities with special-purpose machinery for Foundation Construction
  • Special foundations for extra-deep foundation requirements
  • Fast and inexpensive to dismantle and relocate, with the site being left in its original state
  • No costs for disposing of Foundations which have become unusable
  • Long lifetime